We finally entered the metaverse. Join us as we take another step in this disruptive and progressive path.
With Alexandra Moura’s creative direction we created the Fly London Experience, available on the platform Roblox, where you can play four mini videogames developed within a partnership with the department of Cyber-Physics Systems at Escola Superior de Tecnologia at IPCA (Instituto Politécnico do Cavado e do Ave).

Virtual shop

Besides the game, the space also has an exclusively virtual shop. You earn fly points as you play and you can buy new skins designed by Alexandra Moura considering Fly London’s DNA.

Futuristic world of our Fly London Experience.

The Portuguese designer was also responsible to think about the decoration and all of the elements of the virtual shop, curating all the magical and futuristic world of our Fly London Experience.

Join us at another world.